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Presents key turn air conditioning solutions operating with inventories in light rail systems...

Safkar, "100% Turkish Made" proves its strength in Research and Development Activities with ES 336.

Safkar, one of the leading designing and manufacturing corporations of mobile climate systems in Europe, provides services with 336 agencies in 33 countries with R & D and testing laboratories approved by Technology Development Foundation of Turkey and Turkish Scientific and Technical Researches Institution. Its activities are divided into three main categories: Minibus - bus segment, railed systems segments and cold chain solutions... Safkar holding ATP, ISO 9001 : 2008, ISO TS 16949 as well as Total Quality Management Systems maintains its activities in new segments with strength R&D departments.

Informing about Safkar Mobile Climate Systems, Safkar General Manager Mr. Doruk Aydin disclosed that Safkar which has been providing services for 26 years now maintains its strength position in the industry with R & D and testing centers. Describing it as a manufacturer which may develop projects with main industries and which holds R & D center disclosed that: "Safkar is a corporation that has accomplished many which are considered to be impossible. Today we have great facilities that most of the companies do not have even in Europe. We have got an R&D department in which all kinds of 3D designs may be formed. In addition, we have a so developed climate test center for waterproofing and vibration tests."

Mr. Doruk Aydin General Manager of Safkar stated that our interest in transforming the brain power and investment into products makes us different and reported that "ES 336 design and know - how are totally a domestic product. It is an exclusive example of domestic design and Turkish productivity in railed systems industry."

R&D department makes us different

Stating that Safkar be a global brand name and it maintains its activities in this direction Mr. Aydin reported that they as a firm believe that success depends upon two criteria, and said that: "We attach importance upon two things. First, R&D capacity, and second accurate and sufficient after sale services. Should you intend to become a successful company in the industry, you need to hold a strength R&D support behind you. That is, R&D activities should be quality enough to apply the accurate and verified designs and should develop the designs for the customer expectation."

ES 336 is a product with high know - how

Informing of ES 336, the air conditioning solution of Safkar light rail system, Mr. Aydin reported that "we last year determined it as an objective to manufacture a key turn air conditioning system operating with inventories in light rail systems. We were able to manufacture the ES 336 with exclusive design and specifications and firstly introduced it in Innotrans. This was of great importance for us to demonstrate our creative strength in R&D. ES 336 was totally manufactured by Turkish engineers. It is an exclusive example of domestic design and Turkish productivity in railed systems. Compared to its equivalents, it is lighter and its repair and maintenance costs are less. ES 336 in particular has got high know how and is a competitive product. As its design and know how belong to us, we can modify it according to the spesific expectations easily."

We are among the three companies holding IRIS certificate

Mr. Aydin disclosing that they as Safkar, believe the importance of railed systems stated that "Safkar has been awarded the IRIS certificate with the investments during the lasts one year. This certificate has been acquired by so few manufacturers of climate solutions in the world. In addition we are among the three companies that hold this IRIS certificate."

We attach importance on railed systems and maintain our investments

Reporting that they will go on making investments in railed systems next period and they will introduce new sophisticated products to the industry, Mr. Aydin stated that "Our first objective is to see the ES 336 as the first product preferred in the various markets of the world. Afterwards, we would like to manufacture the appropriate climate and air conditioning solutions for EMU and DMU solutions. Our designing activities more compact and higher quality for locomotive air conditioning system are still maintained. We intend to establish cooperation with the R&D departments of main industries thereby producing the appropriate solutions for themselves. We are particularly contacting the rail car manufacturers."

Designing and testing of the products are the most substantial competitive advantage of ours

Mr. Doruk Aydin GM of Safkar states that our interest in transforming the R&D, brain power and investment into product make us very different and also reports that the most significant competitive advantages are after sale services. Mr. Aydin reporting that they follow a more competitive pricing policy compared to other competing companies said that "We are sharing our works with many SME\'s. We are preferably buying many parts from the domestic companies, which provides us a substantial competition. On the other hand, our most important competitive advantage is that we design, develop and test them in our own facilities. We never add any cost for such design and developments of these products. This is one of our advantages compared to our rivals."

Mr. Aydin stating that climate and air conditioning are a requirement now disclosed that "This segment is always developing. Today climate is never a luxury but a necessity. He also stated that development in life standards and the developments in travel agencies with a modern approach has made the air conditioning as a necessary need.

We intend to establish cooperation with main industries

Mr. Doruk Aydin GM of Safkar disclosing that "Turkey has become a center for manufacturing the commercial vehicles stated that approximately 77 thousand of vehicles are introduced into European market per year and a great deal of this amount has been met by Turkey. emphasizing the fact that such a great production may solely be done with strength sub industries, therefore Turkey should establish a strength sub industry to meet such production stated that "70 per cent of the buses manufactured in Turkey are exported to foreign companies. A great amount of this is introduced into the European market. In order for maintaining this production in a strength way, sub industry of Turkey should be well organized and strength. Climate and air conditioning systems include 500 - 600 segments, and it is complex and significant area. That such parts are quality and the main industries establish cooperation with R&D developments and make the designs in that way and meet the standards are of great importance. Besides, we need to manufacture these products with competitive costs. Considering these facts, Safkar has become a substantial solution partner in Turkish automotive industry."

Mr. Aydin stressing out the fact that they now provide their services in 33 countries with 336 agencies and service networks stated that "From now on our primary objective is to provide our services to more geographies. We are currently exporting to 33 countries. We have carried out our activities with Iran, Malaysia, and Greece in railed system. We intend to increase our exportation activities."